The HumeFlo solution to subsoil compaction

HumeFlo is a ground-breaking technology solution to subsoil compaction, utilizing the treatment of irrigation water.

Subsoil compaction, which occurs when the lower layers of soil become densely packed, is a critical issue affecting farmers worldwide.

Subsoil Compaction

For a farmer, sub-soil compaction can cause a lot of challenges.

Challenges of subsoil compaction

  • Reduces soil porosity and aeration
  • Creates anaerobic conditions
  • Disrupts air circulation and water movement
  • Impedes water infiltration
  • Causes runoff and erosion
  • Hampers plant root penetration
  • Poor root development (shallow and J-shaped)
  • Reduces crop nutrient uptake

Benefits of loosening compacted subsoil

  • Healthier soil structure
  • Plant roots grow deeper to access water and nutrients.
  • Stronger, healthier plant growth
  • Increases crop yields
  • Improves water management
  • Enhances water infiltration and retention
  • Minimizes runoff and erosion
  • Reduces the need for frequent irrigation
  • Increases biological activity in the soil
  • Boosts soil nutrient availability and uptake
  • Enhances the soil's ability to sequester carbon

By treating the irrigation water and oxidizing the minerals, the HumeFlo system helps to eliminate sub-soil compaction and prevent it from recurring. This system is a cost-effective, easy to use, bio-friendly way to eliminate sub-soil compaction and to create an ideal environment for soil microbes to flourish in.

For these soil microbes to perform at their best, they need to be continuously fed with our bio-stimulants that have the ideal ratio of carbon to nitrogen.

What is the HumeFlo solution?

HumeFlo is a unique water treatment system combining the application of nanobubbles, intense oxidation technology, and a natural complexing (or sequestering) agent (MacroPlex™).

The water is treated using a cold plasma photocatalytic oxidation process which oxidises  minerals in irrigation water.

Alongside the oxidation process, the system also treats the water with a water conditioner, MacroPlex™, which is an organic complexing (or sequestering) agent. This prevents Calcium and Magnesium cations from recombining with anions like Phosphates to become unavailable for plants.

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Benefits of the HumeFlo system

  • Optimizes the soil – eliminates and prevents soil compaction
  • Improves soil health - oxidizes heavy metals and chlorides
  • Increases the soil’s water holding capacity
  • Improves water quality by removing toxins, salts, heavy metals, and chlorides
  • Improves irrigation water’s nutrient-carrying ability
  • Even distribution of water and fertilizer
  • Reduces water usage - plants get more from less water
  • Stimulates beneficial microbes in soil
  • Increases nutrient uptake in crops
  • Can suppress disease-causing organisms, reducing chemical inputs
  • Standard installation – fits on any irrigation system
  • Can be extended/upgraded to fit existing automation technology
  • Easy to operate - no limit in terms of volume water to be treated
  • Low monthly operational cost.
  • Irrigation systems run optimally - keep iIrrigation systems clean from biofilm build up

What about traditional methods to alleviate subsoil compaction?

Traditional methods to alleviate subsoil compaction can be mechanical or biological, and while they may deliver some success, the HumeFlo solution is superior.

For example, the only mechanical way to alleviate subsoil compaction is “ripping”. It is expensive, temporary and not suitable for permanent crops planted closely as in vineyards and orchards.

The biological way of mulching or using cover crops can also yield results, but takes a long time.

The HumeFlo solution can address subsoil compaction quickly and affordably, while supporting the sustainability and economic efficiency of farming operations, thus ensuring profitability and resilience for future farming generations.


Want to know more about HumeFlo

To find out more about how HumeFlo can benefit your farm, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Our team will gladly supply you with technical information regarding this highly successful and sustainable solution.