Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hazardous chemical consumables with the HumeFlo™ system?

No, the HumeFlo system only uses MacroPlex, an organic sequestering agent, and does not need hydrogen peroxide to drive the oxidation reaction. 

Do these products replace my current fertilization program?

No, although containing nutrients essential for plant growth, the composition thereof is in a form mainly utilized by soil microbes. 

Is this the same as the ozone machine I have that cleans my irrigation lines?

No, although working on the same principle, the HumeFlo™ system produces hydroxyl radicals, which differ in their oxidation potential. The HumeFlo™ also cleans irrigation lines, but the major mechanism of action is to alleviate sub-soil compaction.

What do these products cost?

As the products are calibrated to your water quality and soil types, generic costing is difficult. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Can AminoFix™-3000 and Nitro-15™ be applied together?

Yes, in a 1:1 ratio.

Can the water be used for drinking?

Yes, depending on the source and quality of pre-treated water.