About Humefert

Modern Farmers Face Great Challenges

At Humefert, we aim to address these challenges.

We do so through innovative soil management solutions designed to enhance soil health and productivity sustainably, - ultimately to optimize plant metabolism for nutrient-dense food production -  by fostering soil biology and promoting good soil structure.

Since 2002, Humefert (Pty) Ltd. has been a reputable supplier of Soil Bio-stimulants and Soil Bio-fertilizers for fostering soil biology to the local agricultural industry.

These scientifically proven products have been developed and evaluated in field trials by our professional team of Agriculturists and Microbiologists on various crops all over South Africa. 

In a recent innovation, these Bio-stimulants have been integrated with the HumeFlo™ irrigation water treatment system for irrigation water optimization, improving soil structure as well as addressing ever-growing challenges with water quality and availability worldwide.  

Our quality products are proudly manufactured in our modern, well-equipped factory at Blackheath, Cape Town, South Africa.

All these products are registered with the Department of Agriculture Act 36/46 and conform to all the necessary legislative and regulatory requirements. 

From understanding the underlying factors contributing to soil degradation to exploring practical solutions and management strategies, we aim to equip farmers with tools and insights for healthy, productive soils, and to unlock all the benefits of healthy soil on their farms. 

CJ Jacobs

Let's work together

  • to unlock the full potential of our soils,
  • to cultivate thriving agricultural landscapes and
  • to ensure a sustainable farming future for generations to come! 

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