Soil Bio-Stimulants

Advanced Soil Health

Reduced soil health, or a decline in the soil's quality and ability to function properly, is a serious problem that affects farmers all over the world. The root zone has become unfavourable for beneficial soil organisms due to outdated agricultural practices and increased usage of agrochemicals, which has a disastrous impact on farmers' productivity and profitability.

Humefert’s approach to restoring soil health

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Humefert’s Soil Bio-Stimulants are specialized combinations of organic carbon and nitrogen products that stimulates and sustain beneficial soil microbes and healthy soil life. These products are suitable for crops under irrigation especially with the HumeFlo™ system, as well as dryland farming.

Benefits of soil microbes and inoculants

  • Converts urea (nitrogen fertilizer) to easily absorbable ammonium and nitrate.
  • Stimulates root formation.
  • Increases soil volume around roots for improved water and nutrient absorption.
  • Produces natural chelates, enzymes and organic acids that make minerals available to plants.
  • Converts nitrogen gas to plant available forms of nitrogen.
  • Produces plant growth hormones.
  • Stimulates vegetative plant growth.
  • Increases soil fertility.
  • Beneficial organisms suppress soil borne diseases.
  • Improves overall yield.
  • Reduces leaching of applied fertilizer.
  • Facilitates nutrient cycling in the soil.

What about traditional methods of building soil health?

Conventional methods such as the addition of compost, green manures, mulching, cover crops, or adding various forms of animal or bird manures can be used to increase microbial growth in the root zone, but require significant additional input and effort.  

For example, mulching and cover crops is intensive and takes time. Composting is both intensive and expensive, and subject to availability as well as quality issues.

The ideal situation is to stimulate microbial growth with Humefert’s scientifically formulated bio-stimulants every time you fertilize.

How It Works

Humefert’s soil bio-stimulants are a complete range of products developed over the last ten years. AminoFix-3000and Nitro-15 are unique bio-stimulants and plant growth enhancers.

Our products can be used on all crops under all conditions, and are combined with fertilizer programs formulated by our agronomists. In low-fertility soils or disease infected soils, additional beneficial microbes can be added as part of the fertilizer program. Consult your soil expert for custom blends of microbial inoculants to address specific soil health challenges.

Excellent results have been achieved so far with this innovative biological approach.


Benefits of AminoFix-3000™

  • High carbon content, water soluble plant extract
  • Slow-release carbon and nutrient source for soil microorganisms
  • Exceptional ability to exchange essential nutrients
  • Acts as a natural growth hormone
  • Stimulates root formation and shoot growth
  • Increases nutrient absorption rate
  • Enhances photosynthesis
  • Increases translocation and enzymatic processes in plants
  • Enhances plant growth
  • Excellent bio-stimulant, which helps plants to thrive
  • Available in 25kg plastic containers, 1000ℓ flow bins, or bulk containers

Benefits of Nitro-15™

  • Water-soluble protein hydrolysate
  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed product
  • Manufactured by breaking down proteins into nitrogen-rich peptones and amino acids
  • Formulated to boost both plant and microbial growth
  • Creates a healthier soil environment for plants to thrive
  • Rich in amino acids that boost plant metabolism and acts as a natural chelating agent
  • Acts as a fast, medium, and slow-release organic nitrogen source for soil microbes
  • Improves nutrient delivery and exchange
  • Increases the absorption rate of most plant nutrients
  • Enhances photosynthesis
  • Stimulates root and shoot growth
  • Increases crop resilience to stress
  • Available in 25kg plastic containers, 1000ℓ flow bins, or bulk containers

Humefert’s bio-stimulants for your farm

To find out more about how our soil bio-stimulants can benefit your farm, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Our team will gladly supply you with technical information regarding this highly successful and sustainable solution.