Reduce Sub-Soil Compaction and
Stimulate Soil Biology

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Healthy Soil Benefits

At Humefert, we specialize in helping farmers unlock all these healthy soil benefits, because - like the thousands of farmers we work with - we know that healthy soil is the foundation of successful farming.

The reality, however, for millions of farmers worldwide is the challenge of diminished soil health around the globe, known as degraded soil. This problem is devastating to farming production and profitability.

As a farmer, you will recognise the many challenges of diminished soil health:

  • Increasing chemical input costs
  • Sub-soil compaction
  • Lack of soil biology 
  • Nutrient deficiency / Poor soil fertility
  • Low soil carbon levels
  • Poor water infiltration / Waterlogged soil / Run-off
  • Poor root development (shallow and J-roots)
  • Fertilizer losses through leaching or fixation
  • Anaerobic conditions
  • Root diseases

Fast Facts: Causes of diminished soil health

  • Outdated agricultural techniques
  • Rising use of agrochemicals 
  • Increased soil erosion

Is your farm’s soil degraded?

  • Use Ca:Mg/SAR/EC parameters to assess the chemical composition and salinity of soil and water.
  • Use a handheld compaction meter - penetrometer - to measure soil compaction levels at different depths.
  • Conduct a water infiltration test to reveal soil compaction and infiltration rates.
  • An earthworm count can reveal soil biological activity.

Maintaining Healthy Soil

Fortunately, soil health can be restored and maintained easily and very efficiently.

This is thanks to Humefert’s innovative soil management solutions that are quick and hassle-free
to implement and superior to traditional methods of alleviating soil degradation. 

Humefert’s ground-breaking advanced soil biology technologies restore and maintain soil health by:

Reducing sub-soil compaction with
HumeFlo™ irrigation water treatment system,
creating an environment in which soil life can flourish.

Stimulating soil biology with
Humefert’s Soil
Feed the soil microbes every time you fertilize.

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More Sustainable
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Humefert’s Results

Our Advanced Soil Biology Strategy

The results of Humefert’s advanced soil biology strategy of scientifically addressing sub-soil compaction and stimulating soil biology are well-documented:

  • Optimal soil health
  • Improved water efficiency
  • Increased root growth
  • Nutrient-dense crops
  • Enhanced crop quality
  • Higher crop yields
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced need for chemical inputs
  • Reduced costs for an immediate bottom-line boost
  • Greater profitability
  • Investment in the long-term health and fertility of the land
  • Sustainability and resilience of farming operations for future generations

Unlock all these benefits on your farm today

At Humefert, we specialise in helping farmers to overcome the challenges of diminished soil health and to reap all the benefits of healthy soil – from enhanced crop quality and higher crop yields to resilient and sustainable future-ready farming operations.

Simply click here to contact one of our passionate soil health experts and to benefit from our expertise and ground-breaking advanced soil biology technologies right now.