Fulfix 500 / Fulfix 3000

Product description:

A dark yellow/brown fulvic acid-containing liquid. The product contains a minimum of 5% fulvic acid, an organic acid with an exceptionally high cation exchange capacity (CEC) that also acts as an excellent biostimulant. Fulvic acid is also known as an organic chelate compound and is used as such to chelate micro elements such as zinc, boron, manganese, copper, and iron. It also acts as a “carrier” of ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, calcium etc.


General information:

  • Acts as a slow release carbon source and nutrient for soil microorganisms.
  • Acts as a natural chelate for micro and macro elements.
  • Increases translocation and enzymatic processes in plants.
  • Enhances photosynthesis and acts as a natural growth hormone.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity in the root zone.
  • Increases the plant’s ability to produce phytoalexins, which in turn stimulate the plant’s natural defense system.
  • Increases the absorption rate of most agrochemical products.



25 kg plastic containers, 1000ℓ “flow-bins” or bulk containers.

Other products:


AminoFul is a soil conditioner similar to Humix: Hume-1200 with the difference that AminoFul works better on clay soils because of its smaller molecules.


A spray dried water-soluble plant hydrolysate in powder or granular form. It stimulates root formation which in turn increases nutrient uptake and plant growth.


This high carbon content brown/black liquid contains natural chelates which gives it an exceptionally high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and is also an excellent bio-stimulant.


The product acts as a slow release organic carbon source for soil microorganisms which in turn release soil bound minerals and stimulate general plant growth.